I was born near Toronto, Ontario and moved to Vancouver, BC a few years later where I grew up with beautiful mountains, forests, and ocean. My wife and I returned to Ontario for two years at Queen's University and then traded in the snow for five years of sunny Pasadena, California. Now, we're very happy to back in our home province of British Columbia.

My hobbies include softball, cooking, astronomy outreach, science fiction and trips with my family. Our most memorable trips have been driving across Canada and exploring Australia. In 2017 and 2019, we welcomed two children to our family!

Wondering how to pronounce "Ngo"?

The closest English pronounciation is simply "No" and I am happy to be addressed that way. If you are curious how a Vietnamese speaker would say it, a helpful Youtuber made a great video to show the subtle difference:

Meeting a koala (named Ellen) at the Australia Zoo

Meeting a koala (named Ellen) at the Australia Zoo


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